Our Investment Philosophy

  • We manage our client’s capital as if it were our own. Our number one goal is to preserve clients’ capital from permanent loss.
  • We take the minimum risk necessary to achieve each client’s financial objectives.
  • We diversify among and within the appropriate asset classes.
  • We strive to keep transaction and other costs as low as possible.
  • We try to manage capital in a tax efficient method.
  • We manage capital for long term growth. We are aware of benchmarks and various indices but we are not driven by the indices.

Firm Overview

  • Firm founded in 1999
  • 600+ client relationships
  • Clients include:
    • Private individuals and families
    • Foundations
    • Endowments
    • Corporations
    • Private employee retirement funds (Pensions and Profit Sharing Plans)
  • Investment strategies:
    • Equity
    • Balanced
    • Fixed Income
    • Tax Conscious

Our Services


Our use of high-quality individual equities and bonds, coupled with high-quality, tax-effective, low-expense mutual funds, allows us the opportunity to build a portfolio to meet your return expectations within the parameters established by you.


Our experience with small-business owners has given us the ability to analyze your estate needs. We do not sell insurance products but offer objective advice to help navigate the complexities of estate planning with your attorney or estate planner.


In today’s complex world, where medical science has extended life-expectancy to well into the late eighties or nineties, retirement planning has taken on a new sense of urgency. It is possible that there is no more important decision than how to invest for retirement. The possibility of exhausting all of your assets late in life is a reality. With our knowledge of not only investment options, but of tax related savings from the correct selection and establishment of retirement accounts, we bring perspective to growing and retaining your assets well into late age.


As college costs have soared over the last decade, often experiencing double digit growth every year, families have struggled valiantly to try and keep pace saving and investing for this future expense. We can help you understand the choices and select the correct options to alleviate as much stress and concern as possible. Our goal is to allow you to enjoy the years as your children grow into adulthood instead of worrying about college funding.